Look, I know last week I said I’d be doing this every Sunday, but it’s bank holiday Monday, so basically this still counts, yeah? Anyway – I’m back! And I’ve got three more non-product beauty related goodies to tell you about…


Okay, okay! I know this sounds like, idk, kitchen related erotica? But it’s actually a beauty subreddit.

A quick intro, just in case you’ve never heard of Reddit before – it’s the world’s biggest forum, essentially. Where normal forums have boards, Reddit has subreddits, and although you might have only heard of Reddit in the context of trolls – i.e Gamer Gate or r/The_Donald, most of Reddit is actually just normal people, talking about normal stuff.

PanPorn is a sub dedicated to pictures of makeup pans (where you use a powder product to the point that the silver pan peeks through). Some of the pictures are extremely impressive – have you ever seen a fully panned Naked palette before? I hadn’t!

panporn reddit

Here’s some pans of my own, but I’m an amateur – you need to look at r/PanPorn!

The Beauty Podcast with Emma G

A beauty podcast sounds kind of counter-intuitive, right? I mean how are you supposed to see the products? But Emma Gunavardhana’s podcast is behind the scenes interviews with some of the most important people in beauty, talking to them about how they got into the industry, career advice, beauty tips, gossip, celebs and loads more. Episodes of The Beauty Podcast can be mega long, but I like that because I can stretch one episode across both sides of my commute!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with this podcast, here are some of my favourites:

Sali Hughes (author & beauty columnist for The Guardian)

Margaret Dabbs (maybe the most famous podiatrist in the world)

Nadine Baggott (journalist, YouTuber & all-round beauty expert)

Listening to this podcast puts me into #girlboss mode, big time.


The whole concept of anti-hauls (aka things you don’t want to buy), is kind of trendy right now. But the original, and best anti-hauler is New Orleans drag queen Kimberly Clark. Please watch the playlist I’ve embedded above, it’s so funny.

It gives me the “we’re all thinking it, but she said it” feeling I imagine morally bankrupt people get from Katie Hopkins, but like, about silly beauty things, not refugees.

Alright, that’s that then. Have a great week, and I’ll see you next Sunday 🙂

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