Hey! Welcome to a new series of posts on Beauty Markdown – cool beauty stuff. If the name isn’t self explanatory enough, it’s just going to be a (hopefully) weekly round up of all the cool stuff other people have been doing in the world of beauty.

Think of it like a weekly favourites, but just about stuff we’ve read or seen.

Let’s go!

100 years of manicures

I don’t know if you remember the “100 years of” video trend that went round a few years ago, someone came up with the idea, Buzzfeed ripped it off lazily, we all got bored of them, blah blah blah.

Now, this video from Allure isn’t particularly new, but it’s been doing the rounds on Facebook recently, and it’s so well done. The props are just perfect and I’d rock all of the nails. Well done Allure!

The hunt for a Good Genes dupe: 17 lactic acid reviews

This blog post from FanServiced-B is SERIOUSLY in depth. I stumbled across this post by accident on Twitter, it’s a new blog to me, but it caught my attention, for sure.

Now, I’ve never tried any Sunday Riley products so I don’t know if I want a Good Genes dupe, but I love skincare and I’m so impressed by this post. I love the way she’s set out the reviews of all the different products, and the amount of time/dedication it must have taken to review SEVENTEEN different lactic acids is kiiind of crazy. Anyway, it’s a cool post, read it.

The Deciem store, Spitalfields

Along the same skincare tangent, I recently had the chance to go and visit the Deciem shop in East London. Deciem, in case you didn’t know, is the company behind The Ordinary, Hylamide and NIOD, you can buy their products in various places online, but this is the only bricks and mortar store in the UK at the moment.

It was good to go in and really take a good look at all of the products. There are testers for everything they have in stock (but they don’t have the full range in there, it’s a very minimalist set up). The staff are really nice and can answer any questions, and you will have questions, as most of the product names are a bit mysterious.

They also had the two new The Ordinary foundations, and I really think it’s difficult to buy base products online, especially from a new brand where there aren’t many swatches online. I really want the serum one, and I know my colour now, yay!

Hope you enjoyed this BMD fans, see you back here next week!


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