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Gift wrapped presents for Christmas

The Advent Calendar Calculator

This calculator is how we work out the true value of advent calendars, and other gift sets. We never have time to analyse everything so this year it’s available for you to use too! When you’re done, please send your findings to us by clicking the submit button, and we’ll add it to our post. Thank you!

Calendar Name*
Retail Price*
Images (optional)
If you have pictures of the calendar upload them here
Upload your images...
Product Name*
Amount in Calendar*
Amount in Full Size Product*
If the product comes in many sizes, use your best judgement, or select whatever seems to be the 'standard' size.

You do not need to enter the units, just a number (eg. enter 30ml as "30"), but please note that the numbers inputted must be from the same units (eg both in ml).
Retail Price of Full Size*
Put it's full price, regardless of if it happens to be on sale at the moment.
Item value
Click the green plus to add another item to the calendar. Click the red cross to remove this item.

Annoyingly, you can only delete items in the order you made them, sorry.


Calendar price
Calendar value
Money Saved
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