Free worldwide shipping at Colourpop (and how to avoid customs charges)

Yep, you read that right, Colourpop has FREE worldwide shipping right now. No code necessary.

But before you run straight on there and start filling up your basket, if you’re in the UK you could still be stung with a massive bill at the Post Office.

Paraphrased from our ever-popular how to avoid paying customs on makeup blog, here’s how you can make sure you REALLY get a bargain during this Colourpop sale.

Basically, make sure your basket is $19 or under. 

The rule is that if your parcel cost you more than £15 (including postage) you get charged 20% VAT plus an £8 handling fee. So if you spend £60 on Colourpop (easily done) you’ll be forced to pay a £20 fine to collect it from the Post Office.

And yes, you have to go and GET IT, so there’s that extra work involved too.

But, if you split that £60 order into four £15 ones, you won’t get charged customs. Weird and annoying, but true.

Here’s what you can order for under £15/$19

Perks of being a Wildflower 6 mini multi stix set – $18

Three liquid lips for $12

Three shadows or pressed powders for $10

Kathleen Lights shadow foursome $18

Supershock highlighters $8

Plus, loads more as Colourpop is such a reasonably priced brand.

What are you going to get?

3 thoughts on “Free worldwide shipping at Colourpop (and how to avoid customs charges)

  1. Hi, i’ve never ordered from the site before and i’m quite nervous about getting charged with customs through ordering on the colourrpop website. have you personally or through someone else found this method of avoiding customs to be successful? thank you x

  2. I followed what you said and now I’m going to get charged customs as they put the price of the individual items on the customs not the price of the offer 🙄

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