Fancy getting free makeup and skincare in the post? In return for trying out a product and filling in a short survey, Boots will send you something from one of their own brands – it’s not just No7 and 17 that are owned by Boots, they also own Soap & Glory, Sanctuary, Sleek, Liz Earle, Botanics and Soltan.

Before a product hits the shelves, it needs to be tested for safety, performance and customer satisfaction, which is where you come in. Ever seen a claim in an advert or on packaging that 90% of women say it reduces fine lines? Product testing is what enables brands to say these things.


It sounds amazing, how do I get involved?

Just click here and create an account for Boots Volunteers. They’ll ask for your foundation shade, skin sensitivity and other things to help them choose what to send you.

The Volunteer Panel has been closed for applications for months now, so get in there quickly!

If you’re already registered you should have received an email asking you to sign up again, as everyone’s accounts were deleted from the old site.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email every so often asking if you’d like to take part in a trial, if you do just fill out the application survey they send you, it usually asks how often you use certain products, your skin type, your hair or skin colour, your age, and what you’d be interested in testing. Once you’ve filled it out, you won’t hear anything more, either you’ll get the product in the post, or you won’t.

Both members of the Beauty Markdown team have been applying to test Boots products, and one of us got something on the second time we applied, and the other one had been applying for almost a year before we got something. We are the same age, but our skin type and what products we usually use are different, so YMMV!

What comes in the package?

This is from a trial we completed before Christmas where we tried out some sheet masks.

As well as the product in plain packaging, you get an information sheet telling you what to do with the product, how many times you need to test it, and when it should be tested by. When you get towards the end of your testing period they’ll email you with the questionnaire to fill out.

As you can see from the pictures in this post there are absolutely no clues as to which brand the products belong to (although it’s fun to guess). The sheet masks, for example, smelled just like some Sanctuary products I’ve tried! All you know is vaguely what the product is, I.e body lotion or eyeliner.

If you think this sounds fun, and you want free products sign up now.

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