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My last post about testing products for Boots was so popular, I thought I’d share a couple of other beauty testing programmes I’ve recently discovered. You don’t need to be a beauty blogger like me to get free makeup and skincare in return for an honest review!

It’s as simple as it sounds, companies send you something to try out for a short time, in return all you have to do is tell them what you think. Just like the Boots programme, the more products you apply for and review, the more studies you’ll be invited to take part in.

If you like trying new things and have the time to fill out a short survey after a couple of weeks, this could be perfect for you – keep reading to find out how to get involved.

Glamour Beauty Club

This is a brand new programme that I signed up for as soon as it launched, and a couple of weeks later a little pot of Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix cleansing pads arrived at my house.

To sign up just fill out your details here.

The reason I didn’t post this as soon as I saw it was because it’s very new. I wanted to see what sort of things they’d send, and how easy it would be to give feedback before giving it my stamp of approval. And I have to say, I definitely think this is worthwhile!

When I fill out these long sign up surveys, I don’t usually expect companies to actually send out something personalised for me. However, I was really impressed by this product choice. I’m a lot more interested in skincare rather than makeup nowadays, and as my in depth acid toner review shows, Glycolic Fix pads are right up my street.

I received a pot with 10 wipes worth about £2.15 based on the full £12.95 RRP for 60. So far, I really like them, so, well done Glamour.

About a fortnight after I received the wipes I had an email asking me to fill out a survey on them, it was just multiple choice and took me only a few minutes to complete.

Revlon Sampling Club

The next way to get free makeup has been going for quite a long time, but it’s a recent discovery for me. It’s the Revlon Sampling Club. Unfortunately applications are not permanently open for this but they usually post on their Facebook page when they’re looking for new testers.

So give it a like, and hopefully it’ll pop up on your wall soon.

After I was accepted as a new tester it only took a week or so for me to get an email where I could choose the product I wanted to try out. That’s right, you can choose! You even get to pick a colour – however, try and do it as soon as it arrives in your inbox, because I was given the choice of a few eyebrow products and by the time I got there the only shade left was soft black – which isn’t really my colour.

What I did choose in the end was a Colorstay cream eyeshadow in chocolate, and it only took a few days for it to get to my house. When it got here I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a full size product worth £6.99!

I’ve used it quite a few times since it arrived and I really like it, I’m planning to do a full review on the blog soon.

The feedback process is a bit more complicated than the Glamour Beauty Club, because you have to write out a full review on it – but it probably only took me five minutes to fill out in total. You can add pictures to your review if you have them.

Boots Volunteers

I’ve previously written a whole post on the Boots Volunteers programme, so please go and read that. But it’s a little bit different to the others mentioned here because you aren’t getting finished products that you’re already able to buy in store.

Read all about it here.

Want more ways to get free makeup?


How you can get free beauty products, makeup and skincare just for being a guinea pig. Beauty obsessives on a budget are going to LOVE this.

4 thoughts on “How to get free makeup as a product tester

  1. I would love to be one I love doing my make up , also my daughters do too I have four ages 10 8 6 &2 and they all try out my make up and I could do with some free bits to build my collection back up

  2. I signed for all these programs. Boots asked me to fill little surveys before try the product 3 times per 3 month. All the times I was refused. Elemis never answered anything except “keep an eye on your Inbox”. Revlon is overloaded. The only Glamour Beauty Club sent me the sample of Dior perfumes. So, definitely not enough to keep your daily cosmetic routine. ((((

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