Hello friends! Guess what time it is?

That’s right, time for more unflattering pictures of my face! Aren’t you a lucky bunch? (Don’t answer that.)

This time I’m showing you a Liz Earle skin tint that boasts all sorts of features, which we’ll be looking at today.

Now, full disclosure, this is one or two shades too dark for my face, so it’s not a totally fair test, but we’ll be looking at coverage (spots and wrinkles), moisture, dewy-ness, and even of skin-tone.

I’ve actually been using this on and off for a few weeks, and it’s taken a permanent place in my regular make up collection (you know, the 10% of my cosmetics I actually use – rather than the stuff neatly stored, which when asked about, I get all defensive and say it’s all being “saved” or for “special occasions” and no I absolutely don’t want to throw any of it away!)

The product incorporates the whole Liz Earle skincare vibe. It’s got avocados in it. We’re all mental for avocados right now. And some other stuff I’m not sure about, and Vitamin E (the one that helps you age not quite as badly as you would otherwise)!

I’ve normally been using it with Liz Earle intense moisturiser and a spritz of Smashbox photo finish primer, follow by some concealer, blush, and a bit of contour if I’ve got the time, and even though it’s a little too dark for me, I really like it. I feel like it makes me look healthy, although because of the shade I’ve gotta pay super attention to that foundation line, but that’s not its fault.

So as you can see from the pictures above, this time I applied this in a few stages to try out different things. I’ve never applied two layers before, but I wanted to see the buildable coverage, and how it looks with and without concealer.

Covering spots

Let’s be honest, this didn’t do much in the way of covering spots. I’m giving it two stars because it did reduce the appearance of them by reducing the redness around them, but that’s it evening the skin tone, which is a different category.

Also it doesn’t stick to dry flakey skin around spots and make them even more noticeable, which some foundations are totally guilty of.

Hiding wrinkles

I’m 25 – so I don’t have a great deal of wrinkles. There are 3 on my forehead, but I think that’s about it. But it did reduce the appearance of them!

I have to give it 5 stars here because even though someone with many more wrinkles may find it brilliant, or may find it rubbish – I don’t know for certain, and I’m not going to rate it purely on speculation. All I know is it worked great for me.

Evening skin tone

Yep, this stuff is great at evening skin tone. Look at the picture from the first application. That’s such a thin layer, it feels so light, but my skin tone is super even. On the second application it works great on top of the green concealer and leaves me with much less to feel insecure about!

It’s not amazing on my eye bags though, but in fairness I have Chronic Fatigue so nothing ever is.


Doesn’t cling on to dry bits of skin, nor does it dry out your face. My face feels nicer/softer after wearing this than it does a heavier foundation. It’s not oily, and you can apply moisturiser first without ending up feeling like a swamp monster.

I feel like even though it doesn’t cover spots, the composition of the product should be better for their healing process than a normal foundation. However I’m not really sure how preventative it is.

Dewy finish

I actually feel like I get more of a matte finish from this, if I added powder I’d feel like I’d actually done it on purpose! This is totally fine, I like the look of it, but it’s not what it’s advertising in this regard. Or maybe this is all because it’s not quite the right shade for me.


This stuff costs £24.50. I think that’s an ok price. You really don’t need very much product at all, and although it’s smaller than a normal foundation bottle, 40ml is probably going to go quite far, at least 4 or 5 months I’d guess, if you’re applying every single day.

Final Verdict

It actually got 3.666667 out of 5, but I don’t have two thirds of a star to give, so I’ve rounded down.

If that all sounds great to you – great, go buy it!

If you’re unsure, I’d implore you to see if you can get a sample, or pick some up in a sale. It’s something you can wear every day and not feel quite so guilty about what you’re doing to your skin. Here’s a list of Boots stores that stock Liz Earle, some of them have counters with assistants who will help you (I know for certain Southampton has this!).

You can also get it direct from Liz Earle on their website. you can even get it thrown in free when you get a cleanse, polish, & moisturiser set (which, luckily, I reviewed a few weeks ago, and honestly did wonders for my skin), or from John Lewis.

Sidenote: I used a mixing brush to use a combo of this and some Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and I love the result! It lightened it to a closer match with my skin and feels as light as ever! (pictured on left, although different lighting and different day to other pics)

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