Save 28% on Tarte Shape Tape – rare Tarte free delivery offer this weekend

For this weekend only (so if you’re reading this after the 4th of September this offer has probably ended) Tarte are offering shipping on ALL orders – no minimum spend.

That means you can try out their cult concealer Shape Tape for a fraction of the price. Every YouTuber and blogger seems to LOVE this product, but it’s a complete pain to buy in the UK usually. Just FYI: it is a and vegan product.

tarte shape tape free delivery uk

Cost breakdown

You can buy Shape Tape from QVC for a whopping £28 + £3.95 delivery (£31.95 total) – and it does come with a that gets horrible reviews. At time of writing they’re also sold out of it in fair, and they only sell it in six colours when it is in stock.

BUT with this delivery offer you only have to pay Tarte’s own website is selling Shape Tape for £19 (so £9 less), and tax is £3.80 – which is less than what QVC charges for delivery. Oh, and delivery is FREE, no code necessary. They also carry 14 shades, so there’s really a colour for everyone.

There are also bargains to be had in the Tarte sale, and when you check out there are cute little offers like a 19p .


What about ?

If you’re worried about a hefty customs charge, don’t be. As you pay your 20% tax at the checkout, there’ll be no nasty surprises when it gets here. Take a look at our guide to avoiding customs charges for more info.

Sound great? Yeah, of course it does – shop now, no code is needed for the free delivery!

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