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I was quite taken with the Riviera palette when it released at the beginning of the month, it was so colourful and different, which was much needed in the beauty industry.

Before I rushed to ABH to buy the palette, it dawned on me that I’d bought two other palettes recently (Colourpop’s Oooh La La and It’s My Pleasure – their 9 pan pink and purple palettes respectively).

I’ve been really enjoying exploring everything Colourpop has to offer. Recently, they started sorting out customs and taxes on their end, so us Brits can order from them now, knowing that what we pay at checkout will be it – no nasty surprise fees from Royal Mail!

With all the Colourpop I’ve been ordering recently, I only had to order a few singles to make myself a pretty good dupe palette. Here are some snaps.

The “dupe” palette

Sails – Pearlescent white
Now and Zen
Estate – Peachy nude matte
Liar Liar
Or Issues
Yacht – Burnished bronze
Phase Zero’s – Warm Taupe
or Board Shorts
Cabana – Rich caramel matte
Paper Tiger
Seychelles – Iridescent sky blue
Coastline – Soft coral matte
Palermo – Intense rose shimmer
or Misty
Bahamas – Hot pink matte
Seaside – Glistening silver
Beam Me Up
Monte Carlo – Rosy pink matte
Inheritance – Luxe gold shimmer
Cannes – Deep purple matte
Try Me
Mediterranean – Steel blue shimmer
Palm – Cocoa brown matte

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that many of the colours are certainly not exact dupes. Here are the changes I had to make:

  • I didn’t have a matte white single to match ABH’s Sails so I threw in Now and Zen, which is a duo-chrome white with a gold shift, which is much more exciting in my opinion.
  • Paradiso is darker and less red than ABH’s Palermo, but it will give a similar look on the eyes.
  • Bassline is much lighter than ABH’s Mediterranean. Still a gorgeous colour though.
  • I didn’t have a peachy nude light enough to match ABH’s Estate, so I put in a light shimmer instead, Liar Liar. However, from browsing Colourpop’s website, Issues seems to be a good match.
  • My dupe for Yacht is not from Colourpop, it’s Warm Taupe from Phase Zero. Although, Board Shorts looks promising!

On to the discounts!

Colourpop are doing a deal on their eyeshadow singles, which is great news for you, (and annoying for me – I paid full price) you can get 12 shades for $30, or 16* (plus two face pans) for $44, with your choice of their cute magnetic palettes thrown in.

*There is a deal to get 24 shades for $44 dollars but I’m afraid us international buyers can’t have this, as Colourpop will only ship 20 items per order. Truly devastating. I mean it’s a BUNDLE just list it as one thing! Haha.

Small palette – 12 pans

Pick your palette here

In pounds that’s £37.40. That’s £3.11 per shadow + the free magnetic palette

Big palette – 16 shades and two face powders

Pick your palette here

In pounds, that’s £47.50. That amounts to £2.96 per shadow + 2 free face pans + free magnetic palette

How about an extra $5 off?

Colourpop also offer a refer a friend program, where the referrer and the referred (is that right? Who knows!) both get $5 off their next order. I’ll post my code here, and if you choose to use it, post your own code in the comments, that way we can all use each other’s and hopefully everyone gets a little bit of Colourpop credit!

Will it work with the BYOP promotion? I have no idea, but let me know if it does!

Remember to post your referral link in the comments and share it with all your friends!

2 thoughts on “DIY ABH Riviera palette with Colourpop’s 50% off deal!

  1. Yep! Just as long as you don’t try and buy more than 20 items! I have just ordered my faves from the Disney Villain collection, I’m so excited! (:

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