As a beauty blogger I’m lucky to be given lots of free makeup to review on here – and I usually try out at least one thing from every box but there’s always something that is the wrong colour, or I’d never normally use. I try and give my excess products to friends and family, and even do giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, but even as a two person blogging team it’s a LOT of stuff.

What I’m going to do

One of my beauty new years resolutions was to hoard less makeup, so my stash needed to go. After all, I don’t think I’ve EVER used up a whole lipstick, so there’s just no need to keep hold of “spares” for me.

I started thinking, who would really appreciate lots of new and exciting free products from the high street? People who want to experiment with makeup and those who might not have a lot of spare cash.

Basically, teenage girls. 

As a 25 year old, it’s been a while since I was a teen, but back then I was on a strictly Natural Collection only budget, and pre-beauty blogs I’d diligently follow the makeup tutorials in Sugar magazine to try out new looks with a mishmash of my mum’s makeup and the few products I’d managed to add to my own collection. So if these girls are anything like I was at that age then they’re going to love this project, and there’s no-one better to review it all for me.

I put a call out on Twitter to see if anyone knew any makeup loving adolescents, and I’ve posted off eight packages to girls all over the country. If everything goes well, I’ve asked them to send in a mini review for me to post on here.

This is one of the parcels someone’s going to receive – and I’m excited to hear their thoughts! If this goes well I’ll try and do it again once I’ve got enough bits saved up. I’ve decided to call the project Mini Beauty Markdown, and who knows, maybe I’ll discover the next Zoella…

2 thoughts on “Mini Beauty Markdown – coming soon

  1. Hi! If you decide to do this again, I would love to do it! I’m 17 years old and love makeup/skincare – I quite like reviewing stuff too as I always find product reviews so helpful if I’m thinking of forking out for something more expensive!

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