Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Primark Christmas show for 2017… and yes, I know it’s July! There were quite a few beauty products on display, including some that you’re probably going to be quite excited by.

I’ve split this into two halves, makeup and skincare, so it should be easy to find what you’re after.


Yes, that’s a 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar! I’m not sure on prices/release dates for any of these items but I’ve asked Primark and hopefully we’ll know soon.

Christmas cocktail scented polishes – how cute!

As far as I can tell, the glitter eye creams are the same as the ones they already sell in Primark. Those glitter nail varnishes look incredible though and I’d definitely be interested in seeing the Skin Frost highlighter swatched.

In case you can’t read it, that says “iridescent glow stick” – we need to try it!

The next thing on display was all lip products, and they were all shiny. Is the matte lip trend over now? Or Primark could just be blinging up for Christmas. I’ve never seen a lip liner marketed as “diamond shine” before…

But what I KNEW you’d all be interested in was these Matte Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. They were all quite rich, bright colours so I’m not sure if this photo is doing them justice. Could be a good dupe for Jeffree Star’s metallic mattes or the Lime Crime ones?

These are very new press samples, so they have handwritten shade names – very cute!

The more traditional lipsticks had a holographic sparkle in the bullet – I’m sure so many people will be trying this out for a Christmas party!


Now, I’ve never been too impressed with Primark’s skincare offering in the past. It pretty much just reminds me of £1 face wipes that made my skin itch. But strangely, despite their makeup range doing so well this year, more than half of the beauty space provided was taken up by skincare.

In case you can’t read the writing on the PS Pro products here: skin perfecting buffing beads, skin perfecting oil free moisturiser with glycolic acid and grapefruit, radiance drops and skin perfecting face mask with kaolin clay, glycolic acid and grapefruit (refines and brightens).

This oil free moisturiser’s ingredients look very promising, I wonder what price point this will be released at.

Radiance drops – the way this is described reminds me of the The Ordinary’s Super Glow serum, obviously this will be a lot cheaper though. We need to test it out!

This is: a hot cloth cleanser, anti-aging serum, night cream, facial oil and beauty boost. This doesn’t have the PS Pro branding (which is also on their more expensive makeup) so maybe it will be at a lower price point?

Hard to read the bottles, I know! But they are: anti-aging nourishing facial oil with marine extract and recharging beauty boost contains vitamin B3 and microalgae extract. Sounds promising, right?

Yes, EVEN MORE skincare! There’s a face mist, face wash, moisturiser, eye cream, night serum and dream cream.

They also had this kind of, aromatherapy inspired range that includes pillow spray (we want this, so hard), anti-stress spray, energising spray, rose and peony perfume oil, rose and peony massage oil and a geranium and ylang ylang body scrub.

What do you think? What will you be trying once this hits the shelves? 

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