To start 2017, we’re not going to tell you what trends to leave in 2016, so knock yourself out trying fake freckles, soap brows and highlighting your cheekbones until they gleam like the sun. Makeup is supposed to be fun, and we’re always going to be a bit embarrassed by old pictures, no matter what we do, so why not enjoy yourself now?

Instead, we’ve got some practical (and achievable) resolutions we think all of you should give a try this year.

1. Use up your samples

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If you’re anything like me then you’re a sample hoarder, plain and simple. One of my resolutions is to own less stuff by the end of next year, and that includes my sample stash. There are a few ways to use up samples in our money saving makeup hacks article, but a new one we’ve found over the Christmas period is to give them away! My mum asked me if I had any moisturiser samples she could have, and I gave her an envelope with about 100, and I’ve given all my foundation sachets to someone with the “medium” skin tone that they usually come in, and I definitely don’t have.

Why not ask your friends or family if there’s anything they’re after and give them a package?

2. Take your makeup off properly every night

No excuses, just do it.

3. Stop buying backups (you know it’s ridiculous)

TK Maxx melted lipstick TooFaced

I am very guilty of this, and I’ve bought way too many of my “holy grail” concealer and eyeliner to hide at the back of my cupboards, only to find new ones I like a lot more. Brands are always coming out with new, better products, and your preferences, makeup style and budget are liable to change too. When I started my £4.99 eyeliner stash I didn’t foresee that I’d ever be willing to spend £16 on an eyeliner, but I definitely am now, and I’ve wasted more than £16 on backups!

4. Spend less on makeup and more on skincare

I see this so often with people, and it used to be me too. Yes, it’s much more exciting to blow £40 on an eyeshadow palette than sort out your skincare regimen. But face it, you wear your skin every day, and the better it is, the less makeup you’ll need to wear. You don’t need to go super high end but the difference between an apricot scrub from the pound shop and this Superdrug hot cloth cleanser (£2.95 on sale) is worth a lot more than £2.

5. Wash your brushes

makeup revolution brush cleanser blog

We’ve got a whole bargain guide to how to wash your brushes, and it definitely helps the performance of your makeup.13:29:45

6. Give unused products to women’s shelters

Sometimes you’re going to buy or receive products you’re absolutely never going to use. Whether it’s makeup, toiletries or even old clothes/bedding/toys your local women’s refuge is likely to want a lot of it. Find your local shelter on the Women’s Aid website.

7. Nail your makeup storage

If you can see and easily access your makeup then you’re much more likely to use it. It’s also a good excuse to clear out the stuff you won’t use. A win win!

What are your new year’s beauty resolutions? Any we’ve not written about here?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s beauty resolutions for 2017

  1. These are great and I feel I need to work on most of them. Especially using up samples and washing my makeup off at night.

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