Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Liquid Lipstick free with a £12 one-year Cosmo subscription (worth £33!)

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Liquid Lipstick free with a £12 one-year Cosmo subscription (worth £33!)

Cosmopolitan are offering some amazing freebies for new subscribers to their magazine!

Set up a direct debit for £12, which gets you 12 issues of the magazine. It will renew every year but you can cancel this immediately and just receive one year of Cosmo.

As a gift you’ll receive a full size Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Together these beauties are worth £33, so if you need new eyeliner OR lipstick (doesn’t even have to be both) getting this deal makes sense economically!

If you’re a Cosmo fan already you get some pretty sweet benefits for subscribing – you’ll get the issues before they hit the shops, and some issues may have limited edition covers or other features exclusive to their subscribers.

Mini Beauty Markdown - coming soon

Mini Beauty Markdown – coming soon

As a beauty blogger I’m lucky to be given lots of free makeup to review on here – and I usually try out at least one thing from every box but there’s always something that is the wrong colour, or I’d never normally use. I try and give my excess products to friends and family, and even do giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, but even as a two person blogging team it’s a LOT of stuff.

What I’m going to do

One of my beauty new years resolutions was to hoard less makeup, so my stash needed to go. After all, I don’t think I’ve EVER used up a whole lipstick, so there’s just no need to keep hold of “spares” for me.

I started thinking, who would really appreciate lots of new and exciting free products from the high street? People who want to experiment with makeup and those who might not have a lot of spare cash.

Basically, teenage girls. 

As a 25 year old, it’s been a while since I was a teen, but back then I was on a strictly Natural Collection only budget, and pre-beauty blogs I’d diligently follow the makeup tutorials in Sugar magazine to try out new looks with a mishmash of my mum’s makeup and the few products I’d managed to add to my own collection. So if these girls are anything like I was at that age then they’re going to love this project, and there’s no-one better to review it all for me.

I put a call out on Twitter to see if anyone knew any makeup loving adolescents, and I’ve posted off eight packages to girls all over the country. If everything goes well, I’ve asked them to send in a mini review for me to post on here.

This is one of the parcels someone’s going to receive – and I’m excited to hear their thoughts! If this goes well I’ll try and do it again once I’ve got enough bits saved up. I’ve decided to call the project Mini Beauty Markdown, and who knows, maybe I’ll discover the next Zoella…

Primark Christmas preview - inc. Advent calendar & new skincare

Primark Christmas preview – inc. Advent calendar & new skincare

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Primark Christmas show for 2017… and yes, I know it’s July! There were quite a few beauty products on display, including some that you’re probably going to be quite excited by.

I’ve split this into two halves, makeup and skincare, so it should be easy to find what you’re after.


Yes, that’s a 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar! I’m not sure on prices/release dates for any of these items but I’ve asked Primark and hopefully we’ll know soon.

Christmas cocktail scented polishes – how cute!

As far as I can tell, the glitter eye creams are the same as the ones they already sell in Primark. Those glitter nail varnishes look incredible though and I’d definitely be interested in seeing the Skin Frost highlighter swatched.

In case you can’t read it, that says “iridescent glow stick” – we need to try it!

The next thing on display was all lip products, and they were all shiny. Is the matte lip trend over now? Or Primark could just be blinging up for Christmas. I’ve never seen a lip liner marketed as “diamond shine” before…

But what I KNEW you’d all be interested in was these Matte Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. They were all quite rich, bright colours so I’m not sure if this photo is doing them justice. Could be a good dupe for Jeffree Star’s metallic mattes or the Lime Crime ones?

These are very new press samples, so they have handwritten shade names – very cute!

The more traditional lipsticks had a holographic sparkle in the bullet – I’m sure so many people will be trying this out for a Christmas party!


Now, I’ve never been too impressed with Primark’s skincare offering in the past. It pretty much just reminds me of £1 face wipes that made my skin itch. But strangely, despite their makeup range doing so well this year, more than half of the beauty space provided was taken up by skincare.

In case you can’t read the writing on the PS Pro products here: skin perfecting buffing beads, skin perfecting oil free moisturiser with glycolic acid and grapefruit, radiance drops and skin perfecting face mask with kaolin clay, glycolic acid and grapefruit (refines and brightens).

This oil free moisturiser’s ingredients look very promising, I wonder what price point this will be released at.

Radiance drops – the way this is described reminds me of the The Ordinary’s Super Glow serum, obviously this will be a lot cheaper though. We need to test it out!

This is: a hot cloth cleanser, anti-aging serum, night cream, facial oil and beauty boost. This doesn’t have the PS Pro branding (which is also on their more expensive makeup) so maybe it will be at a lower price point?

Hard to read the bottles, I know! But they are: anti-aging nourishing facial oil with marine extract and recharging beauty boost contains vitamin B3 and microalgae extract. Sounds promising, right?

Yes, EVEN MORE skincare! There’s a face mist, face wash, moisturiser, eye cream, night serum and dream cream.

They also had this kind of, aromatherapy inspired range that includes pillow spray (we want this, so hard), anti-stress spray, energising spray, rose and peony perfume oil, rose and peony massage oil and a geranium and ylang ylang body scrub.

What do you think? What will you be trying once this hits the shelves? 

Urban Decay Naked Heat UK

Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is available NOW

Guess what, readers – there’s a new Urban Decay Naked palette and we think you’ll be as obsessed with it as we are.


Where to buy it

It’s been pre-released to UD email subscribers on the Urban Decay website and it’s £39.50 with free delivery. Luckily, this is the UK Urban Decay website so there’s no waiting around for long delivery times and you won’t need to pay customs which is a huge relief! The palette will launch in other stores (LookFantastic, Debenhams, House of Fraser etc) on the 27th of July, so you’ll be getting a day’s head start if you buy it direct from Urban Decay. If you’re looking to save money there’ll most likely be coupon codes available at LookFantastic once it’s available to buy from there, and we’ll let you know when that happens. These warm neutral shades are really flattering and are definitely on trend this summer, we’re kind of obsessed with the packaging too. NEED IT! If you want to get this be quick, because the hype is very real round this product and it might just sell out. You can buy it here. Why not share this post on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe someone who loves you might think you deserve it 😉

mufe tk maxx

TK Maxx beauty: July 2017

So, we’re back at TK Maxx once again, checking out what’s on the shelves in July. We’ll include the real RRP for everything (not just the one they put on the label), so you can see where the real bargains are.

Too Faced

TK Maxx toofaced

There were three shades of Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks in my local store – there are quite a few available at TK Maxx online too. The Melted lippies sell for £19 at Selfridges and Debenhams but depending on the colour you can get them for between £4.99 – £9.99 at TK Maxx.

tk maxx toofaced uk

We’ve featured the Cat Eyes palette in our TK Maxx window shopping posts before – they’re still in stores even 6 months later, however they’ve actually gone up by £3 to £12.99! That’s still good value for these small tins from Too Faced, others sell for £32 on the high street.

Online they don’t have the Cat Eyes palette, but they have the Totally Cute palette that’s the same size, but it’s being sold for £24.99. Pricey!

toofaced eyeshadow

Another palette spotted in store is the Too Faced Love palette – this sells in Debenhams for £39, and in TK Maxx it’s £29.99. BUT on the website it’s only £24.99, what’s going on?

It’s much better value than the Totally Cute palette as you’re getting 15 shadows instead of 9, as well as a waterproof eyeliner, and it’s the same price!

Make Up For Ever

mufe tk maxx

They had four different styles of MUFE eyelashes for £3.99 a pair, usually £14.50. That makes them less than a third of the original price, and even cheaper than most high street lashes.

The eyelashes aren’t online, but there are lots more Make Up For Ever bargains on the TK website.


smashbox tk maxx

I’ve not seen much Smashbox in TK Maxx before, but their contour kits get really good reviews. This is being sold for £19.99 and they’re still available for £29.99 from Boots or the Smashbox site.

£20 isn’t bad for three shades and a brush, I think.

It’s ridiculously hard to photograph the things in these plastic security box things, but at least it means nobody’s touched the products. It’s well worth a look.

Nip & Fab

I thought the Nip & Fab makeup range was quite new, so I was surprised to see this in TK Maxx!

There are some really good savings though, the CC cream is £14.95 at LookFantastic at the moment but it’s £3.99 here, and the Eye Fix is £9.95 from Glossybox, and it’s also £3.99.

These specific products aren’t on the TK Maxx website, but some Nip & Fab skincare is.


This MAC Mineralize Skinfinish is £19.99 instead of £24.50 – I do think it’s probably worth paying the £4.51 extra to get colour matched, though…

MAC in the clearance?! Sorry everyone, the saving isn’t that great. MAC Kajal eyeliner for £10 instead of £14.50.

Neither of these are on the website, but there are a couple of other things.


So many brands in store this month that I haven’t seen reduced before! Eyeko lengthening skinny brush mascara, it’s £6.99 at TK – it’s between £19 and £15 at M&S, Beauty Bay etc.

No Eyeko mascaras on the website, but they do have an eyeliner and a makeup bag.


Dior Rouge lipstick – £14.99, it’s £24.50 everywhere else.

No Dior lipsticks on the website, but there a couple of eyeshadow quads.


Clinique Cheek Pop, £14.99 instead of £17 full price, so you’re only saving £2. They’re only £13.60 on AllBeauty and there are quite a few colours to choose from as well.

Give this a miss if you see it in store.

Enjoyed this? Give it a share – and we’ll see you next month for more TK Maxx window shopping.

Superdrug B vegan foundation

The vegan foundation with the best packaging EVER?!

I’m definitely become more interested in going cruelty free with my makeup recently, and I’ve decided to start tagging my posts with it to help anyone who is looking for new CF options.

And a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the relaunch party for Superdrug’s vegan and cruelty free B Makeup range. Those of you that are pretty observant might have noticed that the shelves have been pretty bare in store of late, but don’t worry, it’s coming back!

Today I’m going to be talking about the foundation, and I’m impressed. 

B flawless foundation

How classy do these look? £9.99!


What really drew me to these two products was definitely the packaging. I’ve gone into my issues and preferences with foundation packaging in my Primark vs Double Wear post, but basically I’m a busy girl who mostly does her makeup on the bus, so for me foundation has to be light and portable (not glass), easy to use (a pump, PLEASE) and it definitely cannot leak (a proper lid that seals).

It is SO RARE to find something with all three. The only one I think I’ve ever even seen is the IT Cosmetics CC cream, but at £30 that’s on the expensive side even for a high end foundation.

Superdrug B vegan foundation

Look at those pumps! Where it says “pump me slowly” I recommend you follow the instructions because if you pump it too fast it kind of sprays out onto your hand in a big splat rather than a cute little dollop.

B cosmetics foundation

The flawless silk is on the left and the flawless matte on the right (I pumped the left side too quickly!)

superdrug foundation


I have both of these in the colour N1, the lightest neutral shade. I think the matte one (right side) is a touch darker, but both are quite a good match for me I think. I like how the shades are numbered and labelled neutral, cool and warm rather than called “caramel” and “vanilla” too.

This is the shade range available in both formulas, it’s obviously not the best variety I’ve ever seen – on the highstreet that’s probably L’Oreal True Match, but take a look at the colours available for this SIXTY FIVE POUND foundation I saw today:

It’s like they don’t even try!

Formula and coverage

Warning: you’re about to see two photos of my face with just foundation on. I’m not contoured and highlighted for the gods.

B makeup matte

This is the Flawless Matte foundation.

B makeup silk

And this is the Flawless Silk foundation.

Hopefully you can see this with my scarily high def camera, but I don’t have bad acne or wrinkles, but the texture should give away that my skin is by no means perfect. The weird weather we’ve been having recently has really done a number on my skin. In this photo underneath the foundation I have some active spots as well as red marks from where old spots are healing – but I think you can’t see them that well.

I’d say this makeup was medium to full coverage and quite buildable. I wore the matte foundation out for drinks on Saturday and I actually got compliments on it!

I personally prefer the finish on the matte option (and I don’t think it’s really all that matte), but I do like both of them.

They both applied really smoothly with a foundation brush, and please remember that these photos are JUST FOUNDATION, no concealer was used to even anything out.

What do you think? Worth trying for £9.99? You can pick them up here.

25% off at Too Faced, free samples, + 20% off your NEXT order with them!

25% off at Too Faced, free samples, + 20% off your NEXT order with them!

This offer applies to everything Too Faced sell, except sale items and their new collections. Good news though, it works on their coveted Natural Love palette, which brings the price down to £39. Not too shabby!

To get the discount enter the code INAFLASH at the checkout. You will also see a card automatically appear in your basket, which is a coupon for your next Too Faced order. You can also use this opportunity to add two free samples to your order.

Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin

Week one – 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin

Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin

As some of you may know, I’ve been trialling Liz Earle this month, and documenting the effect this has on my skin. I’m a fantastic test subject: I have whiteheads, blackheads, milia, and the ability to grow a rockin’ beard should the need ever arise.

Naturally, this all leaves me with very little confidence in my skin. My go to foundation is Clinique two in one foundation and concealer, but I still need a variety of extra concealers (Soap and Glory’s green concealer stick and Collection’s cult concealer – gosh Leah, say concealer more) – and I imagine this probably only serves to make my skin worse in the long run.

I’ll fight anyone who says he isn’t relevant – he was one of the best results when I searched for ‘face wash’ stock photos!

So, every morning and night I have been following a strict Liz Earle routine

In the morning, I use the Grapefruit and Patchouli Cleanse and Polish. I love this process, because at no point do you really need to fully wet your face. Just squeeze out a bit of product and gently massage it into your skin, then wet the muslin cloth with warm water and gently ‘polish’ it off again. Finish with a splash with cold water to minimise the pores. It’s way easier than the typical cleanser + flannel job – although not as convenient as a face wipe.

Next is the superskin intensive moisturiser. I’ll either leave it there or apply makeup once the moisturiser has mostly soaked in? I wore makeup of some sort (either full foundation, contour etc or light CC cream with mascara) about 3 days this week. Been keeping it varied. You know. For science.

In the evening I’ll perform the same routine, but during the day I’ll occasionally spritz with the tonic water, although to be honest I’m still not really sure what that’s for.

Anyway, I know you’re dying to see how it turned out, so here goes!

Enjoy 32 selfies, excuse my grumpy face – I took these every morning after the routine, and I hate mornings.

Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin

Gosh. Look at those eye bags. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here. These pictures below are shots from day 0 (before I started) and day 7.

Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin
Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin
Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin
Week one - 7 days of Liz Earle skincare vs problem skin

Looking at the pictures side by side, I don’t see a huge difference in my skin.

However, looking across the week, it does generally seem to be improving. The big spots are still there, but some of the smaller annoyances – like blackheads and patches of dry, flaky skin are gone. To be honest I’d kinda expected some of the larger blemishes to overstay their welcome – they’re the major players, clearly, and aren’t going to go without a fight.

Overall, my skin feels nicer to the touch. It’s softer and maybe tighter (I’m young enough not to have to worry about that sort of thing just yet, but it has noticeably improved in that aspect.)

So what about the individual products?

Well the tonic water I’m still trying to figure out – so i’m going to talk to you about the two big stars this week – the moisturiser, and the cleanse & polish-er.

The cleanser is great,

I was given two muslin cloths with it, and I’ve been using them four times (two days) and then switching so they can be washed regularly. They’re not as rough as a flannel, but I can actually see the crap I’m washing off my face. For example, last night I had a bath before bed. I knew I was going to do my Liz Earle routine after I got out, but I still gave my face a bit of a wash in the bath. I hadn’t worn any makeup that day either. But when I was polishing my skin there was visible stuff on the cloth. (Brown and beige bits of stuff, idk) Those muslins don’t miss anything. They’re like the most gentle exfoliator in the world. I’ll try and take a picture for you next week if I remember.

I’ve always had problems with the moisture levels on my face.

It always seems greasy and oily, but when I wear foundation it catches loads of dead or dry skin I didn’t even know was there, and looks terrible. That hasn’t happened since this moisturiser. My dry areas (mostly under my cheekbones/at the divots in my cheeks) now feel soft to the touch, and don’t collect product like they did before. Score!

I know I’m gushing,

So this test probably isn’t feeling so objective anymore, but don’t worry. You’ll get more weeks with more pictures, and remember the other products Liz Earle sent me haven’t been reviewed yet because I either haven’t been enjoying them, haven’t seen the point of using them, or haven’t decided if I like them yet. 

Spoiler alert: one of them smells pretty bad, but also might be a remedy for summer thigh chafing! Fellow big girls know the struggle.

Check back in a week(ish) for part 2!

Free Estee Lauder skincare

Free Estee Lauder skincare

Another quick freebie for you – click here to get a free Estee Lauder sample sent out in the post.

You can claim a free mini sized Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly, Pore Minimizing Shake Tonic or HydraBalancing Fluid Lotion. Just click to claim, then get the verification code from your email to complete your request.

Worth a go!