Love Me Beauty used to be a beauty box. You’d get a monthly allowance of credits, and these could be spent on a combination of samples and full size makeup. But apparently all this time Love Me Beauty have had another plan up their sleeve, and they’ve collaborated with a new brand, Phase Zero, to take over the world.

What’s Phase Zero?

Phaze Zero is described as being high-end quality, but sold to lucky Love Me Beauty members at huge discounts. For example a Phase Zero matte liquid lipstick has a RRP of £15, but if you buy their subscription you get it for the factory price of only £3.50. Similarly an individual eye shadow pan would normally set you back £5.90, but members will get it for £2.90. They’re going to be expanding the line every month, and we can expect savings of up to 85%.

But is this actually a good deal? I mean, they are the ones who decided the RRP in the first place, right?. We have no idea what this makeup is actually worth. You can’t get Phaze Zero anywhere other than Love Me Beauty’s site, so how much is this really going to cost?

Love Me Beauty’s new subscription and pricing system

A subscription will set you back £5 a month, and you’ve gotta commit to 3 months when you sign up. We have a code that’ll get you your first month free, and we’ll put that in at the end – but you’ve gotta pay month 2 & 3 regardless of whether you cancel or not before then.

But let’s give Love Me Beauty & Phaze Zero the benefit of the doubt, and assume their makeup is worth what they’re claiming. With one month free & two months paid, our membership is going to cost a minimum of £10. Postage is a flat £3.95 no matter how much or little you buy. So if we place one order in that 3 months it’s going to cost us £13.95 before we’ve actually bought any makeup.

They have two super cute lip toppers. A ‘holographic’, and a pinky gold. I’ve heard good things about them, so let’s assume most of us will be mainly here to check those out.

If we decide to buy one lip topper…

With a membership: We will pay our £10 membership, £3.50 for the lip topper, and £3.95 in postage. That brings us to £17.45. Pretty pricey for one lip topper!

Without a membership: There’s a discrepancy here. On the Love Me Beauty blog it says a lip product has an RRP of £15, in the shop it says it’s £12. TUT TUT, LOVE ME BEAUTY. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, GIRRRL*.

Let’s assume it’s £12, because that’s what they’re charging non-members. So £12, plus the £3.95 delivery makes it £15.95.

So if you’re literally just here for the holo lip topper, (and trying to avoid temptation) buy it without a membership and run like hell in the other direction, girl*.

My Phase Zero haul

Not gunna lie, I got a bit carried away. I wanted to figure out if this is really worth it or not, so I took one for the team. I ordered both lip toppers, two matte lipsticks (Gingerbread and Pink Suede), and the £10 set of 6 eyeshadow pans.

ProductMember PriceNormie Price
Gingerbread liquid lip£3.50£12
Pink Suede liquid lip£3.50£12
Prosecco Kiss lip topper£3.50£12
Holograph Girl lip topper£3.50£12
After Hours eyeshadow set£9.99£25.50
Subscription (minus one month free discount)£10
After Hours eyeshadow set – £9.99 or £25.50

So I’ve “saved” just shy of £40.

If the makeup is great, I think £38 is a tremendous price for four lip toppers and six eye shadows! If it isn’t great – well it’s my loss, not yours.

(I will try and get a review up once my order has arrived, but don’t count on it, I am not a reliable person.)

I read a lot of reviews before purchasing –  people who have tried the lipsticks seem very positive about them! The eye shadows aren’t released for a few more days so there’s no real info on those, but I don’t expect you’ll have to wait long.

So should you bite the bullet and order?

With any new makeup brand there’s always a big risk, and adding subscriptions on top of that? Scary. Especially when you’re literally just paying for a discount. But if you want to try a lip topper and literally anything else they sell, I’d say give it a go.

If not, wait it out, see what the vibe is in a few months when we have more info, and make a decision then. It’s not like the £5 a month price is going anywhere.

A few more things to take into account – you can connect your social media accounts and if Love Me Beauty decide you’ve got enough followers/influence they may select you to receive freebies in exchange for reviews. (That’s right guys, you can do your very own PR hauls!) They’re also apparently working on a refer your friends scheme, and loyalty scheme. Details here.

Gimme that sweet discount

If you want to give signing up a go, the code for your first month free is PZONEFREE. Now I got very frustrated with this when I tried to use it, but there’s a knack to it. When you initially get the ‘add membership’ box, just click to accept it (there is a discount code field in this box, but it won’t work here, trust me), and the membership will go into your shopping basket. Then add the bits you want, and when you go to checkout you can enter this code then!


If you want more information on this changeover, or you’re already a Love Me Beauty member and you want to know how this will affect you, you can find more information here

*I’ve been binge watching Rich Lux the last few days, so I’m calling everyone/everything “girl” now. Don’t like it? Not Bothered.

Phase Zero x LMB, a new, better way to buy makeup? You decide.

Do you think a subscription to Love Me Beauty is worth it?

Thank you for the vote!

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