Hands up if you find PR hauls a guilty pleasure. It’s like an eBay mystery box unboxing but on a huge scale. Beauty Gurus get such weird stuff sometimes, like surfboards, mini fridges (Too Faced), pinatas (EX1, Benefit), even literal mailboxes (also Benefit I think??). Not to mention the bigger influencers typically get every shade of whatever’s been released, even foundations, where a good 38/40 bottles, as an example, will never be the right shade for them.

Tati hauls are great. I’m in no way throwing shade, I love her channel, and I love that her husband, James, is there helping her our and being generally adorable – but if you’re anything like me, and I hope at least one person is, you’ve wondered just how much free stuff she gets.

I took this haul from 26th March 2018 and worked out roughly how much in dollars everything was. Then I converted it to good ol’ Pound Sterling (Rule Britannia) using the exchange rate from the day she uploaded.

Leave your guess in the comments down below – I’d love to know how much we all thought it would be!

Were you shocked? Did you expect it would be more, or less?

Also let us know if you like this idea, as I’m happy to add up more Tati hauls to give you a running total, or work out another Youtuber’s haul worth. Once again, for the last time I promise, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see next.

Leah xxx

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Want to see my working? No problem, I’m not offended. You can view my Google Sheets document right here.

How much is a Tati Westbrook PR Haul actually worth?

Do you enjoy PR hauls? (let us know why in the comments!)

Thank you for the vote!

5 thoughts on “How much is a Tati Westbrook PR Haul actually worth?

  1. Leah, I genuinely can’t recall subscribing to your site but I read your newsletter with interest. I’m afraid I’m NOT a Tati Fan – I find her a snivelling, privileged snoot. Yes, James is fab. She is callous and a businesswoman. Full stop. Whining to be put on the ABH PR list and slagging off Natasha Denona for a pan fall out, whilst completely ignoring the total breakage of a KKW contour stick does not fill me with trust. There’s only one trustworthy reviewer out there: Steph Nicole. Tati is a self-indulgent whiner. And I find her PR Hauls deeply unsettling. There are new YouTube beauty artists – waaaaay better than her (she can’t do any look but the same one she always wears: dark outer corner; shiny mobile lid. She’d faint at a cut crease!) and they’re the ones Beauty Companies should send their PR to. Tati could buy the contents of Sephora 10 times over – Safai Kelly, BeccaBoo, Katie Michaelis…they couldn’t, but their work is flawless. These are true MUAs. Tati got lucky. She supped with “the devil” (Mr Star, about whom I’m indifferent) and when her long term fans expressed disappointment at her choices, she just blew them off and told them she didn’t care: she’d get Jeffree’s Subbies instead.
    Not endearing. I used to be a huge fan. Then I saw the ugly core. It took two years for her superficiality to sink in. But I have zero respect for her and I don’t believe her “unbiased” reviews. She’s a privileged liar. And a show off. Doesn’t jibe with my honest, working class roots. But I like your newsletter! I don’t know how I got it but it’s good 😊

  2. Hey Alison, I totally agree with a lot of what you’ve said. Especially recently when Tati was whining about how she doesn’t look pretty enough while applying lipstick 🙄
    My diehard favourite beauty youtuber is Angelica Nyqvist, she is incredibly talented, funny, and not afraid to work with colour. I’d recommend checking her out she only has 42k subscribers but she deserves a million more.
    Thanks for your kind words. To be on the newsletter list you’d have either signed up on our site or entered our current giveaway. I’m glad you’re enjoying us though! We’ve got an article coming soon with featuring some really inspiring women, can’t wait to hear your thoughts! xx

  3. That’s disgusting. The bit that pisses me off very few of these “gurus” don’t care about animal cruelty and continue to take or buy the products, then promote the companies that not only test on animals but some have given up cruelty free status to sell in China! Yes, I’m looking at you nars, avon etc yet people are still dumb enough to buy their products. I can’t believe people are going backwards, mac is still popular yet there was a huge expose of their animal cruelty practices. What is wrong with people? There’s plenty of companies that are cruelty free and frankly way superior than mac, nars, benefit, the list goes on, I’ll never understand why people will buy from companies that still test on animals so they can sell in countries where it’s required by law. From the companies point of view it’s pure greed and from the consumers point of view it’s selfish and sheer stupidity. If we stopped purchasing from those companies, not just beauty but baby care cleaning etc, they’d have to look at their practices and make changes. 80% of the worlds countries still test on animals, come on people, put down the L’Oréal, max factor and buy gosh, revolution, Barry m, B. instead!

  4. It’s something I would love to write about soon. And vegan dupes for cult products from cruelty brands. Thank you for leaving your thoughts 🙂 xxx

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