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Wanna spend a fiver on your uncle, but give him a gift worth £25? If it’s a genuinely good gift, from a brand you love, (that hasn’t expired) why not save yourself a few coins and buy it now, in a clearance sale? It’s just going to come out again in a few months time at full price.

We’re at a weird time of year – summer things are going on sale now, even though we’re really only just halfway through, and more importantly leftover Christmas stuff is at an all time low. So what better time to start shopping for Christmas?

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Picture the scene: Your family and friends are fighting their way through busy shopping centres trying to grab the bits they need, paying probably way more than what the stuff is worth (because holidays = price gouging), while you’re off doing whatever-the-hell-you-want because you’d finished all that nonsense months ago – even before department stores played their first Michael Buble song.

Keep an eye on sales from here on, we’ll try and let you know about good’uns, but we are makeup and beauty fans, which might be great for some of your family, but not everyone is going to want perfume or yet another men’s grooming set.

Quick tips: Find the shops you’d be buying from in Nov/Dec and join their mailing lists, check their clearance sale, and sign up for notifications on vouchercodes and hotukdeals. Oh and us of course, you can sign up to our newsletter from the bottom of the page.

Below are some great clearance sales going on right now, plus how I found 8 different presents for my family and friends for just £40 (worth about £115).

Home Accessories

candles, photo frames, vases, art, diffusers, jewellery boxes, clocks, and more.


John Lewis – some massive boujie candles for under £5

TK Maxx – obviously


Makeup, perfume, bubble bath sets, mens grooming, bath bombs, beard kits, face masks, and more.

Feel Unique – selection of great bits below

Just My Look – amazing discounts on haircare gift sets, and Real Techniques brushes

Boots – so many christmas sets on clearance.


Paperchase – this time last year I got ALL the xmas wrapping paper I needed for 50p a roll. Might only be in store though.

Feel Unique

This is the sale that got me inspired for Christmas. There are so many gift sets on sale, and I found presents for 8 family members, for £40, and the value is way higher than that. I’ll share them with you, because I am great.

ProductDescriptionSuggested recipientsLooks like you’ve spentYou’ve actually spentCheeky saving
Zoella Snowella Brew Me a Bath Gift SetPieces to make baths smell lovely, cute packaging.Teenagers, people need to take more time to relax, Zoella fans£12£4.20£7.80
this works Dream Team Gift SetLuxury sleep aids – pillow spray and roll on oil. Packaged in cute baubleTroubled sleepers, hard workers, people who have everything£10£5£5
L’Oreal Men Expert Ultimate Sportsman Gift SetShower gel and deodorant set.MEN. ULTIMATE POWER MEN. INVINCIBLE MEN WHO HAVE ARMPITS£15£3£12
Crabtree & Evelyn Frosted Spicewood Hand Therapy CrackerChristmas scented hand creamLiterally anyone. Maybe your boss?£8£5.20£2.80
Neäl & Wølf Alpha CollectionVery very expensive designer men’s shower stuff. Bottle that’s a shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel in one, and hair styling cream.Men with expensive taste and who can’t handle having 3 bottles in the shower.£20-25£6.20£13-19ish
L’Oreal Paris Read My Lips Christmas Cracker Lip KitCracker with a lipstick and liner inside. Comes in nude, red, or pink.Secret santas. Distant friends. Tween girls.£10£3£7
L’Oreal Men Expert Barbershop Collection Gift SetShower gel, deodorant, face wash, moisturiser, ‘beard’ comb, shave gel.People with beards£25£7.45£17.55
Zoella Snowella I’m Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles Gift SetBubble bath, body lotion, exfoliating mitts, head bandTeenagers, Zoella fans. This one is even more generic than the other Zoella one above.£15£6£9

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  1. I start my Christmas shopping early because I catch great deals, and sales, throughout the year. I save tons of money!

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