Today I went into Primark to buy one thing, the beauty spatula – I didn’t find it, of course, but I was very impressed with what I saw in store. So I thought I’d take some pictures to share with you…

What I bought

I only picked up £3.40 worth of stuff – some cotton pads (boring, but they were cheap), some hairbands – not pictured, and a set of five small pots.

I bought the pots to use alongside the Every Drop beauty spatula I’ve bought to review for the blog – I was looking for the Primark version to compare it to – I’ll keep trying to get my hands it, don’t worry.

What I saw

So much rose gold goodness:

£1 rose gold nail scissors, how good would these look on your dressing table?

£1 for rose gold eyelash curlers, a twinpack of tweezers, a blocked pore remover and a pencil sharpener. Annoyingly I already spend £5 on a rose gold eyelash curler to match my Zoeva brushes, but if I hadn’t I’d have 100% picked one up.

The tweezer set has one slanted and one pointed pair, which is pretty good for £1, I think.

Bargain cleansing

I bought one of these for £2 on eBay – but it’s even better for £1.50. The silicone is a really gentle but efficient way to exfoliate, and they can last a really long time if you wash them regularly enough.

They also had these brushes for £1, kind of like a super budget Clarisonic, or an alternative to the Aldi cleansing brush we reviewed last week.

Odd tools

Our Primark had so many takes on the beautyblender – including one shaped like a Christmas tree (it’s March), and one with a handle – crazy right?

Let us know if any of these look interesting to you and we’ll buy some to review, those purple ones definitely resemble something you wouldn’t want near your face, don’t they?


We also saw a few bits of beauty storage we haven’t seen in Primark before:

This is something to keep your cotton pads in – it’s a good idea, the plastic bags they come in look so messy. It’s £2.

These £3.50 brush holders look good for travel, or if you worry about your brushes getting dusty being sat on your dressing table.

That was our Primark round up, I think we’ll go back to try out the makeup too, we’ve heard so much about Primark foundations. It’s got to be worth a try at that price! 



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