Well, we went to TK Maxx again, didn’t we? You might have missed our post a couple of weeks ago – if you did, do check it out for even more TK Maxx goodies.

Lets get on with the post.


TK Maxx melted lipstick TooFaced TooFaced Melted Frosting lipstick – it’s £19 at Debenhams, or £5.99 in your local TK Maxx. It’s a bright pink shade that’s not all that Autumn appropriate, but come Spring you’ll be glad you bought it.

TK MAxx TooFaced blog reviewTooFaced 3 Way lash lining tool, it’s £18 at Debenhams. Or, £4.99 at TK Maxx – the choice is yours. And yep, the TK Maxx we went to looked a little bit like a bomb had hit it, but there was a lot of treasure to be found.

TooFaced eyeliner TK Maxx blog cheap bargain beauty

There were even more shades of TooFaced Bulletproof eyeliner than we saw last time. Still £5.99 instead of £19, and the purple colour would be amazing on green eyes.


We love Illamasqua and there were some good finds in store today, although we didn’t see any of the Illasmasqua false lashes, and we really want them.

Illamasqua TK Maxx blush blog cheapThis powder blush duo (in duo #3) was £6.99 instead of £26, how pretty is that?! Just a warning though, although this blush was in perfect condition, there were a few Illamasqua Fatale palettes that had been totally smashed up inside, so have a quick look.


Illamasqua lip pencil in the colour Assert for £4.99 instead of £16. What a bargain.


This lipstick palette was priced at £9.99, but was originally £34. That’s £24 off!

Mega high end brands

Some brands hardly ever discount, but we spotted Chanel, Dior and YSL in TK Maxx – who’d have thought it?

20161113_133000Chanel nail polish in the shade Paradisio – only £12.99 instead of £18.

YSL mascara TK maxxYSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, it’s £25 in Boots or £16.99 in TK Maxx.

Dior lipstick TK MaxxDior Addict lipstick – normally £26.50 in Boots, but £19 in TK Maxx. This was the colour 976.

Make Up Forever

Makeup Forever TK Maxx 2016

I’ve never seen Make Up Forever in TK Maxx before, but there were a few things available when we went. The Aquamatic shadow crayons are £4.99 in TK Maxx or £16 at Debenhams, the Artist Liners are £15 at Debenhams or £3.99 at TK Maxx, and the Plexi-Gloss is £5.99 at TK Maxx or £16 in Debenhams.


They also had Make Up Forever’s famous Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks for £5.99 instead of £16, in the colours 9 and 29.

Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few Make Up Forever products on the TK Maxx website too, if you can’t get to a store.


TK maxx cheap makeup

This BHCosmetics brush set is £14.99, which is SUCH a bargain, under £1.50 per brush, and the best part – it’s available online too.

Have you spotted any of these in stores yet?

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