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This evening I was lucky enough to attend to the 2016 Boots Christmas show, which took place in the basement of a St Paul’s hotel filled with gorgeous displays from the biggest brands in beauty, hair, skincare and fragrance. They put on quite a show for the bloggers and members of the press who’d bagged an invite; there were displays, treatments and demonstrations available, as well as an all important first look at the Christmas offerings from brands stocked by Boots.

Christmas might still feel pretty far in the future for most of us, (it’s 100 days away, to be precise), but in one of the Facebook beauty groups I’m a member of a thread popped up today asking what beauty Advent calendars will be on offer this year.

There are some already available to buy (which is pretty crazy, the 1st of December is still 75 days away), but most of them remain a secret to the average consumer.

However, here’s a first peek at the Advent calendars Boots will be offering this year.


One of Boots’ most popular pampering brands are offering an Advent calendar for the first time this year! I didn’t get the chance to see it in person at the event, but it caught my eye in the Christmas catalogue.

advent 3.jpg

It’s a full 24 day calendar (none of that 12 days of Christmas rubbish), and it includes body lotion, nail files, candles, exfoliators and loads more – I’m not going to ruin the surprise too much! It’ll set you back £25, but it’s included in the Boots 3 for 2 gift offer, so there’s a chance to make a bit of a saving there. It’s available to buy online now.

See the full details in our huge Advent calendar guide.


Our top pick from Boots this year is the No7 Advent calendar. It’s a really beautiful calendar in the flesh, it’s black and gold and glittery, and it’ll look amazing displayed in your house in the run up to Christmas.


The calendar itself contains a selection of products with a combined worth of £151.95, but it has a RRP of only £39, which is an incredible saving to make! It’s promised to include everything from skincare to nail polish, and even a voucher for you to go in store and be matched with a blush that’ll suit your skin perfectly. See the full details of the calendar in our 2016 beauty Advent calendar guide.

UPDATE: the calendar is available to buy here! Go go go!

Jack Wills

Beauty Advent calendars really are a massive trend this year, and Boots are even bringing them into the teenage/tween market with a really cute looking calendar from Jack Wills.

advent 2.jpg

This calendar costs £35 and is included in the 3 for 2 gift offer, and inside you’ll find mini shower gels and body lotions, hair accessories and nail files. This is available to buy online now.


If you’re a true makeup collector then you’re going to go mad for the NYX Advent calendar. At a pricey £60 it’s not as much of a bargain as the others in this list, but I have high hopes for it.


It wasn’t at the Christmas show (that I could see), but it was on one of the brochures we were given. The description says that it’ll include long lasting lip colours and eyeshadows, and it’s ‘Wanderlust’ themed, so we can only guess that NYX’s city-named soft matte lip cremes will be included. But other than that it’s a bit of a secret.

We would HOPE that this is at least a 24 day calendar for the price, which would work out that each item in the calendar costs £2.50, a full size soft matte lip cream is £5.50, so this could be quite good value in the end. UPDATE: we’ve had more details and they’re here, the calendar will contain 12 full sized eyeshadows and 12 slightly-more-than-half sized soft matte lip creams, we’ve worked out that the products inside are worth around £80.

Boots told us it’ll be available in store between the 1st and 17th of November, but it’s available to buy online now.

Estee Lauder

Got a bit of money to spend? Then the Estee Lauder Advent calendar could be a top pick for you.


It comes with a whopping £205 price tag, but it includes both sample and full size versions of Estee Lauder’s most celebrated cult products, and you’re getting 24 of them, which works out at around £8.50 per item. This is really luxe, and we really want it!

Your Beauty Fairytale

If you’re feeling the Estee Lauder vibe, but want to save £120 (who doesn’t). Then you might like the Boots exclusive Luxury Beauty calendar (£85).

boots-your-beauty-fairytale-luxe-1-advent-calendarBoots Your Beauty Fairytale advent calendar.jpg

This Advent calendar which is on sale now includes mostly skincare and makeup from Lancome, as well as perfumes and other beauty products from brands like YSL, Viktor and Rolf and Ralph Lauren.

This is a really nice Advent calendar which is available exclusively from Boots.

Look out for more posts on beauty Advent calendars on Beauty Markdown in the run up to Christmas (we’re sure there are a LOT more to come).

Take a look at our list of every single 2016 beauty Advent calendar.

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