I’m definitely become more interested in going cruelty free with my makeup recently, and I’ve decided to start tagging my posts with it to help anyone who is looking for new CF options.

And a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the relaunch party for Superdrug’s vegan and cruelty free B Makeup range. Those of you that are pretty observant might have noticed that the shelves have been pretty bare in store of late, but don’t worry, it’s coming back!

Today I’m going to be talking about the foundation, and I’m impressed. 

B flawless foundation

How classy do these look? £9.99!


What really drew me to these two products was definitely the packaging. I’ve gone into my issues and preferences with foundation packaging in my Primark vs Double Wear post, but basically I’m a busy girl who mostly does her makeup on the bus, so for me foundation has to be light and portable (not glass), easy to use (a pump, PLEASE) and it definitely cannot leak (a proper lid that seals).

It is SO RARE to find something with all three. The only one I think I’ve ever even seen is the IT Cosmetics CC cream, but at £30 that’s on the expensive side even for a high end foundation.

Superdrug B vegan foundation

Look at those pumps! Where it says “pump me slowly” I recommend you follow the instructions because if you pump it too fast it kind of sprays out onto your hand in a big splat rather than a cute little dollop.

B cosmetics foundation

The flawless silk is on the left and the flawless matte on the right (I pumped the left side too quickly!)

superdrug foundation


I have both of these in the colour N1, the lightest neutral shade. I think the matte one (right side) is a touch darker, but both are quite a good match for me I think. I like how the shades are numbered and labelled neutral, cool and warm rather than called “caramel” and “vanilla” too.

This is the shade range available in both formulas, it’s obviously not the best variety I’ve ever seen – on the highstreet that’s probably L’Oreal True Match, but take a look at the colours available for this SIXTY FIVE POUND foundation I saw today:

It’s like they don’t even try!

Formula and coverage

Warning: you’re about to see two photos of my face with just foundation on. I’m not contoured and highlighted for the gods.

B makeup matte

This is the Flawless Matte foundation.

B makeup silk

And this is the Flawless Silk foundation.

Hopefully you can see this with my scarily high def camera, but I don’t have bad acne or wrinkles, but the texture should give away that my skin is by no means perfect. The weird weather we’ve been having recently has really done a number on my skin. In this photo underneath the foundation I have some active spots as well as red marks from where old spots are healing – but I think you can’t see them that well.

I’d say this makeup was medium to full coverage and quite buildable. I wore the matte foundation out for drinks on Saturday and I actually got compliments on it!

I personally prefer the finish on the matte option (and I don’t think it’s really all that matte), but I do like both of them.

They both applied really smoothly with a foundation brush, and please remember that these photos are JUST FOUNDATION, no concealer was used to even anything out.

What do you think? Worth trying for £9.99? You can pick them up here.

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