WOAH. Yep, this is for real. Primark have posted on Instagram that they’re going to be bringing out a range of unicorn makeup brushes in dreamy rainbow pastel colours, and they look pretty magical. ???

But there’s a big catch – it doesn’t seem as though they’re coming to the UK (at least, not yet). In the caption Primark have said they’re coming to Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the US.


€9 is about £7.69 right now, but we can’t tell from the Instagram post whether that’s for all of the brushes or just one. As it’s Primark though, we’re expecting it’s for the full set.

We’ll update you if we hear anything else about them.

If you can’t wait to see if they eventually make it to your local store, you can get a set of 8 unicorn brushes for £6 (+£1 postage) on Amazon.

Primark unicorn brushes

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