ESPA Comfort & Joy Advent Calendar 2018

What's it worth?

Price: £130
Value: £146.35
Saving: 11.17%
Worth it?: Not really

How do I get it?

Available from: ESPA

Tell me more!

The ESPA Comfort & Joy Advent Calendar saves you a measly 11% over buying each thing individually. Honestly I'd just spend your money outright on ESPA's site over Black Friday or Boxing Day sales and pick out some bits for yourself, rather than getting a box of 25 samples. Don't get me wrong, it's beautifully presented, and a lot of other calendars are nothing but samples too, but those are at least worth considerably more than the cost of the calendar. This is nothing special.

Expand the box below for a full list of the contents – but be warned, spoiler alert!

Full Contents

ESPA Restorative Bath Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Smooth and Firm Body Butter (15 ml)
ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser (7 ml)
ESPA Fitness Body Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner (each 10 ml)
ESPA Skin Rescue Balm (3 g)
ESPA Soothing Bath Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser (15 ml)
ESPA Energising Shower Gel (15 ml)
ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial (3 ml)
ESPA Energising Body Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Regenerating Moisture Complex (7 ml)
ESPA Optimal Body TriSerum (12 ml)
ESPA Fitness Bath Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud (15 ml)
ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm (15 g)
ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum (4 ml)
ESPA Detox Body Oil (15 ml)
ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser (15 ml)
ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster (10 ml)
ESPA Fitness Shower Oil (15 ml)
ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser (3 ml)
ESPA Hydrating Floral Spafresh (12 ml)
ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy (15 ml)
ESPA Restorative Candle (70 g)

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