Recently, I was sent a set of Real Technique sculpting brushes to review, courtesy of Superdrug. But why review just the one set? I got several sets about a year ago now, and I’ve been using them ever since. So if you want to know which Real Techniques face brushes I can’t live without, and which I hardly ever touch, keep reading.

All the pictures in this article are of my own brushes that are almost a year old now, so you should be able see how heavily I have used each one!

Disclaimer: The sculpting brush set was given to me for review, however I already had the brushes included and have been using them for a year. All opinions are my own. Links in this article are affiliated, which means should you choose to buy something through our links, we make a small commission. See here for more about affiliate links.

real techniques brush blush

Blush Brush

I love this brush, it’s a fluffy yet slightly dense dome brush. It picks up a lot of product which means doesn’t apply a subtle wash of blush – but it does blend really well and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Available from Superdrug for £9.99

Setting Brush

I use this brush for highlighter or setting under my eyes, it’s great for either. I do wish I had two of them. It’s the same shape as the blush brush but smaller, but still slightly dense and very fluffy. If the fan brush is a bit flimsy for you, this will apply a much more substantial highlight.

Available as part of the sculpting set from Superdrug for £19.99

real techniques brush fan

Fan Brush

The fan brush is dual fibred. I don’t really know what that changes, but I do know that out of the three fan brushes I have it’s the best (although the others are Primark and Aliexpress so not hugely fierce competition there). It’s soft, and while there’s not much to it, it does apply a nice, modest highlight, and is good for brow bone and cupid’s bow highlighting. It’s not substantial enough for anything other than highlight though (eg. nose contour or maybe blusher, it doesn’t really cope too well with).

Available as part of the sculpting set from Superdrug for £19.99

Buffing Brush

We all know some foundations work better with brushes, and some with sponges, but I am much more of a sponge girl, myself. However I can get pretty sore pretty fast bouncing all that product into my face, and a brush is much faster. Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a foundation that doesn’t look streaky using it yet, but at least I can disperse it evenly with this brush, and then just finesse it with the sponge. Sliiightly less work.

Available as part of the flawless base set from Superdrug for £19.99

real techniques brush contour slanted

Slanted Contour Brush

I like the idea of this brush, but I much prefer cream contouring with oval brushes, and it’s too dense to use for anything else in my opinion. It’s not a bad brush though – it just came in a set and I didn’t really have a use for it.

Available as part of the sculpting set from Superdrug for £19.99

Powder Brush

This brush is massive, which I love. I can powder my whole face in about 3 seconds. It picks up product really well, and disperses it evenly. The only thing I would change is the density. It’s very, very soft, but it’s a little too dense to give that really satisfying ‘sweep’ of product.

Available from Superdrug for £10.99

real techniques domed contour brush

Domed Contour Brush

This is just the right size to really chisel the cheekbones. I love using this brush for contour and bronzer, especially on my forehead and around my temples as it let’s me avoid over bronzing and getting that weird circle of brown around my eyes. If I could change anything, I’d make it a tiny bit less dense, but it’s a very good brush regardless.

Available as part of the flawless base set from Superdrug for £19.99

real techniques sponge


So I’ve tried 3 different types of beauty sponge that were memorable enough to mention here. Real Techniques, Beauty Blender, and the Tarte quickie sponge. In my opinion, from worst to best Beauty Blender -> Real Techniques -> Tarte. But if you can’t justify £14 plus p&p on a Tarte sponge, the Real Techniques one really is your best bet. It’s so much softer than the Beauty Blender, and feels like it gets much bigger as you dampen it. I die hard love it. I have three.

Available from Superdrug for £5.99 for one, or £9.99 for two.

Honourable mention

The Real Techniques brush cleaner is great. I use it in combination with my Freedom solid brush cleanser, and together they’re the dream team. Guess I can’t restock on one of those though :/

Are there any Real Techniques brushes you’d recommend? Or something by another brand that really needs a mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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