Violet Voss make some classic palettes, many of which have quickly become cult favourites. If you’re into your taupes, pinks, or golds, you’re going to want to check out the Holy Grail and Taupe Notch palettes on Beauty Bay.

Beautiful, aren’t they? Well for 48 hours starting tomorrow (Weds 21st) they will be 30% off. That’s £30.10 per palette, instead of the usual £43. Of course you’ll also be getting free delivery with that, so it’s definitely a good opportunity if you’ve been sleeping on it or on the fence.

But that’s not all. From Thursday* through to Sunday Beauty Bay will be offering 15% off via Student Beans. So if you’ve got an account, or know a friend who does, now is the time! If you’re worrying about asking someone for their discount, don’t be. Student Beans generates a code and you have an hour to paste it in at checkout (or it expires and you’ve gotta do it again). They don’t check your name matches between the student/order or anything, so if you know a student, it won’t cost them anything, so ask away!

Here’s the big question though – will the student discount stack with the 30% off? I have no idea, but it’d be nice if it did. You’d end up paying just £25.60 per palette. We can’t find out for you until the deal is live, so give it a try yourself and let us know!

If you miss out on the student discount, don’t worry too much, it looks like they’ve got a long-term 10% off with Student Beans running, and this is just a extra little discount on top. 10% is still 10%!

*or maybe Wednesday, not going to lie, they weren’t super clear on that.


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