This is a hidden gem of a deal. It’s a beauty box from ASOS with a collection of face and body products, including a full size Beauty Bakerie which is already worth £16. The whole thing comes to a whopping value of over £53, and it can be yours for just £12.

So if you literally just want to try out a Beauty Bakerie lipstick (in a nice simple red) you’re already saving £4 by buying the box, plus you get lots of extra freebies! Nice.

The Maths

BOD Everyday Boost Body Sorbet – £15

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip liquid lipstick in ASOS Red – £16

Mini Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Moisturiser – this will probably be either 15ml or 30ml, so worth £11.50 or £23

Mini Pureology Strength Cure shampoo and conditioner – 50ml of each, 250ml RRP is £16 and £20.50 respectively, so these are worth £3.20 and £4.10, £7.10 together.

Mini It’s Skin Power 10 GF Moisture Serum – probably 10ml, full size is 30ml and costs £13, so this is worth £4.30.

Total value at least £53.90

£12 box of ASOS goodies (including full size Beauty Bakerie lipstick) – worth £53

Do you have a huge stash of luxury minis and samples you're waiting to try out some day?

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