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3 for 2 deal

Boots have made their 3 for 2 offer on Christmas gifts even better than previous years.

Lets say I’m going to buy advent calendars and other gifts for six friends (in this example I am very, very rich).

  1. Sleek Advent Calendar, £35
  2. Soap and Glory Advent Calendar, £40
  3. Jack Wills Advent Calendar, £35
  4. No7 Beautiful Skin set, £16
  5. Millie Mackintosh Bare Blush Luxe Lip Kit, £12.50
  6. Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle – Fresh Cut Roses, £18.99

Total: £157.49

From highest to lowest, our costs are: £40, £35, £35, £18.99, £16, £12.50.

Old 3 for 2

£40, £35, £35, £18.99, £16, £12.50. 

Traditionally in a 3 for 2 deal you get the cheapest items free, which means this lot would cost us £128.99, which isn’t a huge saving and doesn’t exactly encourage bulk buying.

Some people have gotten around this by buying products in threes, grouping expensive products together for bigger discounts. Now Boots will do that for you. Confused? I was too.

£40, £35, £35, £18.99, £16, £12.50.

Boots will rank your shop from high to low and give you every third item free, saving you much, much more. With this system, our shop will cost £109.99, which is actually a third off (or very close to it).

NYX and No7 are the only advent calendars not currently part of the Boots 3 for 2 on gifting offer.


Advantage Card offer

This weekend (Friday 29th Sept to Sunday 1st Oct (in store) or Monday 2nd Oct (online)) Boots are giving out 20 advantage card points for every £1 spent. (Normally you’d get 4 per £. And remember, 1 point = 1p to spend in store).

You’ve got to spend over £50 to get the deal, but if you can get your xmas shopping done now, you’ll get 1/5 of your spend back (eg. spend £50, get £10 of points).

Combine these deals to get 1/3 off your christmas shop, and 1/5 of that money back to spoil yourself with!

Save 33% on your Christmas gift shopping at Boots, AND get 20% cashback

Will you be buying a beauty advent calendar this year?

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