Ok, so I might sound crazy, but it’s Christmas soon. 135 days in fact. Let that sink in.

I don’t know about you, but every year I plan on buying presents throughout the year – spacing them out and giving myself the time to find good deals. Of course, as with most ideas I have, it has never fully come to fruition. I never have quite enough cash, and when I do I want to spend it on meee!

But we all know prices can get a tad higher during the run up to Christmas, so at least keep an eye on sales on the off chance you’ll find the perfect bargain for your fussy grandma.

Like this sale! At Debenhams! I’ve picked out some highlights (neatly organised into little tabs!) for you down below. Some ordinary make up things, because we need that stuff all year round, and the two gift sets I thought were most universally acceptable, but obviously there’s a lot more on their site!

The sales ends with the weekend so don’t dawdle!

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