We’ve rounded up the best makeup, fashion, and accessories for the feline inclined, purrfect for those shopping on a budget!

Anything we’ve missed? Comment your favourite cat products below!



Ok. So we all know lipgloss isn’t super in right now, but hear me out. I’ve actually got this stuff, and I really like it, and fully intend on it living in my handbag through the summer for whenever I need a moisture hit.

Nail Stickers


Any self-respecting cat lover won’t be seen leaving the house without a cat in a top hat on their nails. That’s just science.

Pressed Powder with Mirror


This is objectively a pretty weird look, but I’m into it. Unfortunately it only comes in 3 shades – Ghost, Ghost who looked out of a window, and Ghost who thought about going on holiday to Spain for a week but then decided against it.



As someone with an unhealthy obsession with cats, and spending money on weird stuff on the internet – I have this too. It’s pretty good. It stays pretty well and isn’t super clumpy. For £1.60 I’d say go for it! Plus its silhouette will put all your other mascaras to shame.

Makeup Bag


I don’t know who Chi is – but for £2.75 can you really afford not to have a cat makeup bag complete with scary 3D eyes?



This is another product I actually have. The felt tip is a bit stiff so try not to stab yourself in the eye, but the eyeliner stays so well it’d probably survive a nuclear apocalypse.



The colour looks a little darker on (yep, I have this one too!) but all in all it’s a good lipstick.

Other Makeup Bag


This one is slightly more sophisticated than the previous offering – which is saying something really, isn’t it?



Okaaaaaay, so we’re a beauty blog, not a fashion blog, but seriously the next few things really finish off the cat look, so I’d be remiss in my cat/beauty guru duties not to share these gems with you.

Also, I want this the most out of all the things in the list. It’s so excellent.



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