Benefit GALifornia Blush

£24.50, from Boots

I am in love with this packaging. Benefit is such a reliable brand that even buying this blusher just because I like the box won’t result in wasting money.

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Boots are currently giving 10% a purchase of £75 or more with the code VC75UKAPR.

Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

£55 at Beauty Bay

Here at Beauty Markdown, we’re big cat lovers.

Admittedly the idea of gradually wearing down a lipstick in the shape of a cat until there’s nothing left upsets me a little – but you get so many cute accessories with this set. You get a vanity box, cat shaped makeup bag, and a case for the six little eyeshadow cats.

Get the most for your money

Beauty Bay are offering free next-day delivery on orders over £15.

SugarPill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow

£11, from Beauty Bay

These colours are so vivid, and perfect for spring/summer. Fuchsia and cyan eyeshadow to the family BBQ? Why not!

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Collection

£52 at Too Faced

Ok so for some of us, this is crazy expensive, but hear me out. Firstly, this palette is huge, it has 30 shades, that works out at about £1.70 per shade. That’s 30p cheaper than a single Freedom eyeshadow – and I know which one I’d rather use.

Also, they’re not crazy shades you’ll only wear once a year, to a neon club night or something. They’re everyday. You can get away with them at work/school/whatever. It’s in the title, natural. Just fun natural!

Get the most for your money

Too Faced will currently give out 2 free samples with your order, choose from Glitter Glue, Shadow Insurance, and Born This Way Foundation. You can also sign up to their email list on the site and you’ll be emailed a coupon code.

This palette can also be purchased from Sephora’s website. They’ll guarantee a £6 delivery rate (including customs!) for orders over £75, so if you have other bits to pick up, it might be worth it. As you’ll be paying in dollars you might get it for about £3-4 less than Too Faced’s own site.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

£21.50, from Debenhams

Ok so there are a lot of weird lipstick gimmicks out there at the moment, but I’m interested to try this. It’s a squeezy tube of liquid lipstick, promising to be pigmented, hydrating, moisturising, lightweight, and stay all day. Does such a thing really exist? You tell me. But any makeup product that needs a diagram to sell, I’m definitely interested in trying out!

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Get free delivery on beauty at Debenhams using code SHA5

PRE-SALE: Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Book™

$52, + $21 postage, at Storybook Cosmetics (about £60 total)

The preorders have sold out, and even they won’t have shipped until late May, so who knows when this will be available to buy again, but when it is we’ll be first in the queue!

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